A favorite apparent tactic of Boards of Nursing is to deliberately draw out investigations and the disciplinary processes. In most states when a nurse is innocent, (and we know a large percentage are) cases often take 2 to 3 years to conclude. These cases are the “contested” cases where the nurse has been falsely accused or the discipline is far too harsh to meet the crime. Contested cases make up a large proportion of matters reported. In Texas, 5000 nurses are investigated a year. Of these only 1400 have merit. Yet the Board will with impunity spend years attempting to railroad the nurse into accepting charges.

Boards assume guilt. The process is geared towards denying any evidence of innocence and forcing the nurse to comply. Boards frankly “must-win”. This is more often than not acceptable to the nurse. Nurses feel they cannot sign charges that allege something they never did. When nurses fight back, Board’s dig in their heels and will delay, delay, and delay justice for years.

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