A Successful Approach to a Board of Nursing Complaint

We assist RNs, LVNs and APRNs respond to a board of nursing complaint. We act as advocates for the nurse.  Assistance is provided  from the initial nursing board complaint letter to an administrative, licensing hearing.

Nursing Board Complaints Advocates

We help nurses in solving board of nursing actions

Initial Complaint Letter

- Response to letter with general denial or detailed response including standard of care - File request for complete board file

Informal Conference

Request informal conference to offer defense face to face with board staff Attend informal conference with nurse as advocate

Proprosed Charges

Response with detailed rebuttal and evidence/exhibits. Justify having met NPA and provide evidenced based research

Request informal conference

Formal Charges

Assist Nurse to formulate response For contested cases request State Office of Administrative Hearing Mediation


Prepare Nurse for mediation Prepare thorough rebuttal and defense to include evidence where NPA and standard of care was met Accompany nurse when possible as advocate and nurse consultant P


We are here for you and are willing to listen. We know this is an anxiety provoking time and we want you to know you are not alone. We make ourselves available most days and hours. We will expeditiously return any call or message.

Welcome to Board of Nursing Complaint. We do not insist you have an attorney if you cannot afford one, though we recommend you plan to hire an attorney in the eventuality your case goes to an administrative hearing. Finding yourself having been reported to the board of nursing is one of the most anxiety producing and potentially costly experiences you will ever go through. There is however, hope and help available. We are your advocate and guide you through every step of the process.  We have assisted nurses come to a successful resolution to a board of nursing action against their license. We can help you along the way and though we do not make any promises as to a particular outcome, we have been successful in helping nurses defeat charges against their license. You have the right. Yes, you can.

Disclosure: We are not attorneys and in no way hold ourselves out as providing legal advice. We do not offer a referral service to specific attorneys or law firms.

Board of Nursing Complaint
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