A Successful Approach to a Board of Nursing Complaint

We assist RNs, LVNs and APRNs respond to a board of nursing complaint. We act as advocates for the nurse.  Assistance is provided  from the initial nursing board complaint letter to an administrative, licensing hearing.

Have you been reported to your state board of nursing? Are you facing discipline by the board of nursing? Have you received an initial complaint letter or proposed charges from the nursing board? Or are you set to attend a board of nursing hearing? If you are in any of these positions call us, we can help.

We are a group of Registered Nurses and experienced Nurse Legal Consultants. We provide nurse led case management to assist nurses in responding to complaints received from State Boards of Nursing. We will work with you in formulating your defense and responses to the board of nursing. We assist nurses without attorney representation, or we will work with you and your license defense attorney.

board of nursing complaint

Our team includes experienced nurses from a variety of clinical specialties. All of our nurse consultants have extensive clinical experience and are thoroughly familiar with the process of a nursing board investigation and the nursing board disciplinary process. We work with you by assigning you a Case Manager. A few of the services we offer are:

Nursing Led Case Management to Assist Nurses

We do not insist you have an attorney if you cannot afford one, though we recommend you plan to hire an attorney in the eventuality your case goes to an administrative hearing. Finding yourself having been reported to the board of nursing is one of the most anxiety producing and potentially costly experiences you will ever go through. There is however, hope and help available. We are your advocate and guide you through every step of the process.  We have assisted nurses come to a successful resolution to a board of nursing action against their license. We can help you along the way and though we do not make any promises as to a particular outcome, we have been successful in helping nurses defeat charges against their license

Disclosure: We are not attorneys and in no way hold ourselves out as providing legal advice. We do not offer a referral service to specific attorneys or law firms.

Nursing Board Complaints

“Darlene and Associates have been an amazing resource while I’m dealing with the board of nursing. They literally are the first knowledgeable people who have listened to my entire situation while asking pointed and important questions. The Board has contacted not one person, not even me!, to see what the real story is. They have provided me with education on the process, a check list to make sure my lawyer has requested everything she has legal right to ask for, as well as codes backing up all of my decisions. I feel much more confident going in to my mediation and am planning on helping them see to it that the Nursing Board has appropriate oversight in the future to help other nurses. I can’t recommend these people enough. You NEED them on your side!”  

Michelle R
San Antonio, TX
Nursing Board Complaints Advocates

“With my unjust dealings with a nursing board ruling against me with impunity, I feel so blessed to have found Darlene Nelson. She had my back every step of the way, including helping me write my request for reconsideration letter to the board after their baseless ruling. I’m lucky enough to have had a positive outcome as the board capitulated and withdrew their ruling. I could not have done this without Darlene’s help.”      

Tom Maxwell
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